Chapter Meetings

May 2022
International Webinars on Topics on Cell and Tissue Engineering (CTEng)

The International Webinars on Topics on Cell and Tissue Engineering (CTEng) is a series of cutting edge seminars held on remotely on a weekly-basis and organized by the COMPASS RG at the University of Aveiro. The seminars will be delivered by internationally recognized speakers with a strong training component. Registration is necessary for the (free) attendance to the talks.


Jun 2022
9th Annual McGowan Institute’s Regenerative Medicine Summer School

Summer School Dates:  June 6-10, 2022
Summer School Location:  Virtual via Zoom
Application Deadlines: Application deadline is April 1. Admissions decisions to be made by April 15.

To complete your application, please complete and submit the online form. You will need the following:

  • ** Online application form
  • ** Electronic transcript (unofficial or official will be accepted)
  • ** Response to essay question
  • ** Current resume
  • ** Letter of recommendation to be emailed by the letter writer

Email inquiries to Lainey Becker.

Jun 2022
2022 eCM20: Cartilage and Disc Repair and Regeneration

Conference Dates: June 15-18, 2022
Conference Location: Congress Centre Davos, Davos, Switzerland

Jul 2022
8th AST-TERMIS Webinar

Join us on July 19th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time / 1:00 PM Eastern Time U.S. for the 8th AST-TERMIS webinar. Our speakers will be Dr. Giulio Cossu, University of Manchester and Dr. Xi (Charlie) Ren, Carnegie Mellon University.



Aug 2022
29th annual Advances in Tissue Engineering Short Course (Virtual)

Short Course Dates:  August 10-13, 2022
The short course will be fully virtual.
Hosted by:  Rice University

Sep 2022
VPH 2022

Conference Dates: 6-9 September 2022
Conference Location: Porto, Portugal
Abstract Submission Deadline: 30th April

Sep 2022
9th AST-TERMIS Webinar

Our speakers are: Prof. Dr. Ivan Martin, Head of the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel and Dr. Doris Taylor is the CEO of RegenMedix Consulting and principal business consultant at Wizer Designs a consultancy specializing in commercial enterprises in the regenerative medicine space

Jun 2022
2022 TERMIS-EU - Krakow, Poland

Conference Dates:  28 June - 1 July 2022
Conference Location:  ICE Krakow Congress Centre
Conference Chair:  Wojciech Swieszkowski, Ph.D., Habil., WUT Professor
Program Chair:  Zygmunt Pojda


Mar 2023
2023 TERMIS-EU – Manchester, United Kingdom

Conference Dates: 27th to 30th March 2023
Conference Location: Manchester Central Convention Center
Conference Chairs: Prof. Sue Kimber & Prof. Sarah Cartmell
Programme Chair: Dr. Stephen Richardson


Jul 2022
2022 TERMIS-AM Conference - Toronto, ON, Canada

Conference Dates: July 10-13, 2022
Conference Location: Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel Conference
Co-Chairs: Prof. Alison McGuigan, Prof. Penney Gilbert and Prof. Carlos Aguilar

Apr 2023
2023 TERMIS-AM Conference - Boston, MA

Conference Dates:  April 11-14, 2023
Conference Location:  Boston Marriott Copley Place
Conference Chair:  Pamela Yelick, PhD
Conference Program Chair:  Madeleine Oudin,PhD

Oct 2022
2022 TERMIS-AP - Jeju, South Korea

Conference Dates:  October 5-8, 2022
Conference Location:  ICC JEJU
Conference Chair:  Gun-IL Im, MD, PhD
Conference Co-Chair:  Byung Soo Kim, PhD
Conference Program Chair:  Byung Hyune Choi, PhD
Host Organization:  Korean Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society (KTERMS)

Oct 2023
2023 TERMIS-AP - Shatin, HONG KONG

Conference Dates:  October 13-16, 2023
Conference Location:  The Chinese University of Hong Kong / Hong Kong Science & Technology Park
Conference Chair:  Rocky Tuan, President of CUHK
Program Co-Chairs:  Raymond Tong, Chair of BME, CUHK and Ling Qin, ORT, CUHK