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Communications & Outreach Committee Members

  • Sandra Van Vlieberghe (Chair)
  • Roberto Narcisi
  • Ioannis Papantoniou (Deputy Chair)
  • Cornelia Schneider
  • Lidy Fratila-Apachitei
  • Miguel Castilho
  • Annalisa Tirella
  • Julia Fernandez-Perez
  • Gianluca Cidonio
  • Catherine Le Visage (Past Chair)
  • SYIS Representative:  Alessia Paradiso and Desire Venegas Bustos

Main aim is to increase the awareness regarding the role of the society in acting as a network between researchers in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Main Goals:

(i) Identify and coordinate programs and activities having an external focus with an objective of influencing members and non-members and increasing their awareness in TERM research/TERMIS.

(ii) Ensure that all partners are kept apprised and involved in TERMIS activities and opportunities for engagement.