Diversity Statement

TERMIS is committed to the unbiased participation of a diverse scientific and clinical community in its membership, activities, and governance. Diversity plays an integral role in achieving our mission to advance tissue engineering & regenerative medicine worldwide to generate knowledge with a view to improving patient outcomes globally. It is essential to our core values of honesty, respect, scientific excellence, integrity & collaboration, society responsibility, diversity and transparency that together define TERMIS, its work and its membership.

TERMIS aims to provide an inclusive culture, free from discrimination and upholding our values. Every TERMIS member has the right to be treated in accordance with these values. TERMIS is committed to developing and promoting equality and diversity in all our practices and activities. TERMIS therefore, promotes diversity and inclusion with respect to member race, age, ethnicity, nationality, gender, disability, religion (belief (including lack of belief)), sexual orientation or any other form of social diversity. This promotes our belief that this will result in the greatest potential benefit to the worldwide community.


Approved by the TERMIS Governing Board, 28th August 2019