Student and Young Investigator Section (SYIS)

Student involvement is a critical component of TERMIS. SYIS provides a platform for the "next generation" of scientists and engineers in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to interact. SYIS aims to further the professional and scientific development of its members. The TERMIS definition for a Student member is any individual, who is engaged as a full-time graduate or undergraduate, in a university or college program and is actively involved in research in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Young Investigators are defined as persons who are employed by an academic institution in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, who have been awarded their doctoral degree within the past 3 years and who are not holding an appointment as a faculty or academic staff in a university/research institute.

TERMIS-SYIS AP Council Members

Benson Koh - SYIS-AP Chair 


 Dr. Vincent Irawan- SYIS-AP Chair-Elect


Maryam Roya Ramzgouyan - SYIS-AP Secretary
I have a MD degree from Shahid Beheshti University of Iran with over 23 year experiences as a practitioner. 
I am a healthcare specialist and taking care of people's health; treat their injuries or other disorders. I have the responsibility of promoting healthcare knowledge among public. In some cases I also supervise, guide other doctors and nurses. I work in coordination with other physicians to treat some critical cases. 
I have a PhD degree in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine from School of Advanced Technology in Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Science, Iran. My research interests include applying germ cell- like cells derived human endometrial stem cells in fibrin scaffold for gonad tissue engineering and infertility treatment purposes. 
Also I am a researcher of tropical diseases with the financial support of CGM Company in Sistan and Balouchestan province and the city of Chabahar and suburbs, which is located in the tropical regions of Southern Iran. My husband Dr. Ahmad Jafar Bekloo is the owner of CGM Company and we do research in tropical diseases of Chabahar together with the affiliation of School of public health TUMS, Medical Entomology Department, and Assistant Professor Dr. Zakkyeh Telmadarraiy. Currently we are focusing on CCHF, a fatal tropical disease for prevention and treatment purposes. 
I am responsible for organizing meetings, appointments and internal events. Also I am able to identify and define problems and analyze them to find causes as well as possible solutions, decide on the best solution and implement it. I am able to work effectively in a team, contribute to team objectives, communicate effectively with team members, respect, listen to and encourage team members and put success of team ahead of individual success. I am able to control own behavior, self-motivated, prepare to work hard to achieve goals, set own targets, avoid distractions, persevere with difficult tasks and activities, continue with projects in the face of obstacles and challenges. Additionally, I have proactive attempts to sort out problems and issues, provide ideas for improvement, make full use of opportunities, identify needs and come up with solutions as well.


Jeong Eun Song - SYIS-AP Treasurer
Jeong Eun Song obtained her B.S. and M.S. degrees from Department of BIN Fusion Technology, Chonbuk National University (CBNU). She finished her Ph.D. degree under Professor Gilson Khang, from Department of BIN fusion Technology from 2010~2013. She has worked on the development of tissue engineered cartilage, bone and spinal cord, etc. 
Currently, she is working as a Post-Doctoral fellow at the Department of BIN Fusion Technology, CBNU. For last 6 years (2010~2015), she had scientifically contributed to various projects.  
Her major scientific contribution has been to appreciate and analyze the importance of natural/synthetic hybrid scaffold to reduce the host inflammation reaction as well as commercialization for tissue engineered products as cartilage, bone, skin, cornea endothelium and etc.